What if I could tell you the #1 reason you are struggling in your marriage?

Hi, my name is Keana W. Mitchell, and I am a singer, songwriter, relationship coach and podcaster and I have been where you are in my marriage. I know how frustrating it can be to put in so much effort and not see your marriage get any better. I know what it is like to read relationship books and try all these different marriage strategies only to see it not pay off. It wasn’t until I discovered that the answers that I was looking for was not found in books but that the solution to my marriage problems was with me the whole time. It finally dawned on me that I needed to work on myself instead of trying to change my husband. Once I begin working on myself, I begin to understand how some of my actions and reactions were contributing to a lot of the chaos in my marriage. Even though I was not the only person responsible for the problems in our marriage I had to admit that I was a part of the problem.

3 Day Marriage Bootcamp

If you would like to begin improving your marriage and working on yourself then my 3 Day marriage bootcamp is for you. Here is what you can expect to learn during this 3 Day event.

  • Day 1: You will learn how your thoughts have the power to make or break your marriage and what you can do to take control of your thoughts and your marriage.

  • Day 2: We are going to discuss some of the reasons why what you are doing in your marriage is not working and what you can do now to immediately change the negative dynamics in your marriage.

  • Day 3: And finally on day #3 we are going to identify your emotional triggers and then together work on ways to deal with those triggers in an emotionally healthy way.

Are You Ready to Work on Your Marriage?

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Why Should You Listen to Me?

In addition to being a relationship coach I have a master’s degree in counseling psychology, and I have lots of experience working in the mental health field. I have also been on numerous podcasts talking about how it is possible to improve your marriage while working on yourself. The cost of the 3 Day Marriage Bootcamp is only $27, and I guarantee that what you learn will help you transform your marriage right now.

I Have A Surprise for You!!!!

If you choose to make an investment in your marriage by attending the 3 Day Marriage Bootcamp, then you will have access to….

  • Group Coaching

    $100 value

  • 1:1 Coaching As Needed

    $125 Value

  • Daily Homework Assignments

    $50 value

As a special bonus you will have early access to my relationship podcast “Music and Therapy with Relationship Coach Keana W. Mitchell” to have as another resource to help you work on your marriage.

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I know all of this sounds like a lot of work and believe me it is, but I guarantee if you attend the 3 Day Marriage Bootcamp you will begin to see positive changes take place in your marriage. I can’t wait to meet you and I am looking forward to having you in the program so that together we can begin working on your marriage.